We don’t always get that afternoon in the sun, or the nutrient-rich meals we should. It’s just life. Thankfully, Vitamin D supplements are another great way to get the daily amount we need to maintain our health.

There is a difference in the way that our bodies absorb nutrients through supplements as opposed to through foods. Unfortunately, try as we may, many foods are easily depleted of nutrients by the time they get to our tables. This is also due to improper farming practices depleting the soil of nutrients. Yet another reason why buying local, organic foods is the healthier choice.

Additionally, kids need more nutrients to support healthy growth, the elderly need more nutrients because they don’t absorb them as efficiently. And if you exercise, your need for nutrients increases. All the more reason to make sure you are getting the daily value of vitamins that your body requires.

Liquid Vitamin D drops are a must in making sure you are meeting that daily requirement. Liquid supplements are the most easily absorbed, and the fast absorption rate of liquid supplements ensures your body can utilize many of the vitamins which might otherwise have gone undigested and passed out as solid waste. Additionally, liquid vitamins and easy to get children and toddlers to take, as opposed to pills or powders.

I recently picked up a bottle of vitamin D drops at the local health food store and have been supplementing by adding a few drops to my morning glass of water. I have noticed a different in my energy levels.

Do you use vitamin D drops or have you in the past? What are your thoughts?

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